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An Ex-Accountant Turned Marketer

Numbers were my jam for a while! I started my career in accounting, but the world of marketing always had a magnetic pull. It wasn’t just about the creativity, it was the strategic side that hooked me. So, I took the leap and haven’t looked back. That accounting background actually comes in handy, it helps me understand the business side of marketing, making sure your campaigns not only turn heads but also deliver the results you crave.

Better clients are demanding. They demand more rigorous dead-lines, but they also pay more. They demand extra-ordinary work, but they're more respectful. And they demand work they can proudly share with others.

- Seth Godin, The Practice -

Love digital

My Strengths

The Strengths I Bring to Your Team

My strengths lie in combining creative storytelling with data-driven results. 

Storytelling & Content Creation

Let’s face it, facts are important, but stories stick. That’s why I love turning complex info into engaging content – social media posts that make people stop scrolling, infographics that explain things clearly, and website copy that reads like a conversation (not a textbook!). I know how to capture your audience’s attention and make them care about your brand.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data isn’t just a bunch of numbers to me, it’s the secret sauce that keeps our marketing efforts on fire! I love digging into the data to see what’s working and what’s not. That way, we can tweak our campaigns on the fly and make sure every post, infographic, or video is packing a serious punch.

Cross-Functional Expertise

I’ve worn many hats in my marketing journey, from crafting catchy headlines to designing eye-catching graphics. This means I can jump in wherever your team needs a hand, whether it’s writing website copy, managing social media campaigns, or even brainstorming creative ideas.

Passion for Social Impact

Beyond the marketing magic, I’m truly passionate about using my skills to make a positive difference. Working with small businesses has shown me the power of helping them reach their goals and thrive.

Featured Work

I’m passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals through strategic marketing. Here, you’ll find a glimpse of how I’ve transformed brands and delivered measurable results for my clients.

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Client feedback

Don't Just take my word for it.

Working with Lucy ahs been one of the best experiences in terms of service delivery, especially since it was the first time and having a new experience with a social media manager. She has good work ethic, delivers on time and keeps it professional. I managed to grow my accounts with interactions and receptivity following the advice she gave on what to focus on. She’s easy to work with and definitely someone you’d want on your team.


A joy to work with and very versatile in her abilities. Willing to be part of our team and is reliable to work independently. She exceled in the marketing and project management tasks assigned to her. Lucy is an incredible asset to any team she works with.

-Meggen Morrison; Solseed-

Lucy created social media content for me and interacted with my clients. She did a good job and my clients grew to like her. Thank you so much Lucy.

-Andrew Posser; Marketing Consultant-

Just a few of my clients

Solseed Marketing Agency

Outdoor Makeover Atlanta

Fastlink Movers

Ubora Marketing

Content Craftery Media