9 Things I wish I knew before starting my brand

9 things I wish I knew before I started building my brand

There are a lot of things I needed to consider before I started building my brand.

And while I’m grateful for the day-to-day benefits of having this business, I wish I had known what it would actually be like before jumping in head first.

Here are 9 things that I wish I knew before I started building my brand.

1. Inconsistency will lead to the failure of your brand

All good things in my life have come as a result of being consistent. That includes fitness, relationships and even business.

It’s the same with creating content and building a strong personal brand online. Without consistency, you will fail.

The reason I even bring this up is that my biggest weakness is overanalysis and perfectionism which leads to inconsistency.

It’s definitely a form of self-sabotage.

If you struggle with the same, I have a 40-day posting challenge on my website that you can join. It ends on December 31st. FYI, I have challenges like these every month.

2. Having a routine will change your life

About a year ago, my days used to end without me knowing. I felt like I was a participant in my own life. I remember wanting to go to the gym but feeling like I had no time.

Now that my days are predictable, I work out consistently and most importantly, I have time to work on my business.

I wish I knew that a good routine would save me up to 5 hours a day.

Here’s my current routine. I don’t always follow it perfectly but at least I know what to do when I wake up.

Morning Devotion4:00 am – 4:30 am
Reading a few pages of a book4:30 am – 5:00 am
Writing a conclusive blog5:00 am – 6:30 am
Working out6:45am – 8 am
Shower8:00 am – 8:30 am
Client Work9:00 am – 10:00 am
Take a walk and then do breakfast10:00 am – 11:00 am
Client Work11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Content Creation For Luwany3:30 pm – 5: 30 pm

3. You need a coach

This is definitely something I wish I knew before starting my brand.

When I bought the course “bossgram academy”, it blew my mind. Not because of how amazing it was (it is phenomenal btw) but because of how much I didn’t know about the content creation space.

The course gave me the confidence to take strategic action after being stuck for years. And that’s why I highly advocate getting a good coach.

The course I bought isn’t just a course, it also has some dope coaching sessions within it.

4. You don’t need to fake it till you make it

I’m heavily against faking it until you make it. Wanna know why? Because it’s not only exhausting but also makes you build a foundation on false grounds.

Faking it on social media breaches your audience’s trust on so many levels. You simply cannot build strong relationships with that mindset.

5. Stop trying to be friends with people on social media

Your followers are not your friends. The people that DM you are not your friends either.

When I started my Instagram account, I wanted to be besties with everyone. I wanted to build trust and solid friendships. But little did I know that these people I was calling besties viewed me as a prospect.

They were not nice because they wanted a friendship with me, oh no. Most of them were cordial because they could get something from me.

It’s not personal, it’s just business. And I get it.

So, my advice to my younger self would be to get the emotions out of social media and think strategically about growing my network and business.

6. Embrace your difference

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a lot of Instagram coaches have the same script. Nobody is doing anything different besides a few people.

This is not to invalidate their methods. No.

It’s to recognize that there’s a growth opportunity for those that are willing to be different.

When I started building my brand, my goal was to be unique. But I fell into the trap of wanting to be like everyone else when things seemed to not go my way. Of course, that was a mistake.

I noticed that when I created content the way other people did, my content did poorly.

If I were to advise my younger self I would say, don’t be tempted to create like other creators because the type of content they create is being created by everyone else.

7. Think like a CEO, not like a struggling content creator

When I first started working on my brand, my goal was to create great content and get some followers. That was definitely the wrong approach and the wrong mindset.

It was wrong because at the very back of my mind I was hoping to get clients. But I felt embarrassed to make it public.

Now that I know better, my goal is to create content that solves problems as I aim to get clients.

I’ve realized that you don’t get clients by hoping to get them. You get clients by creating systems that allow you to get them. You also have to boldly and shamelessly ask for business.

8. Stop struggling to do everything, pay for the tools you need in business

If I knew the amount of time I would save using tools, I would have started using them earlier. Tools will save you up to 20 hours a month.

I use Planoly to schedule my reels and other pieces of content.

I use Canva pro to schedule my LinkedIn and Pinterest content and I use ClickUp to organize everything.

9. Pick Your Clients Wisely

I truly wish I knew this before I started building my brand.

I’ll be honest, working with my previous client led me to have anxiety, depression and a whole lot of mental health issues.

The work I did for her was great and I enjoyed it a lot. It helped me become the creator I am today.

But, I would cry constantly because of anxiety.

I don’t blame her for my mental health issues, I blame myself. I blame myself because I’m the one that volunteered to take on tasks that nobody would, do extra work, work on the weekends etc

And no, I wasn’t getting paid extra.

I set expectations too high because I wanted to stand out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up, so I decided to quit after 3 years.

Create Content With Ease

Content creation can be hard if you don’t follow the right process. A piece of content that’s poorly done will not perform as it should. And that can mess up how fast you grow as a brand over time.

The good news is, if you follow the right practices and avoid common mistakes, you’ll be ahead of the average content creator. You’ll deliver good quality content to your audience and be able to increase conversions.

You’ll earn good money and finally stop stressing about your next client.

But here’s the caveat, you could have all this information but still struggle to implement it and deliver good-quality content.

Because of how busy you are, you might need someone to go over your work and make sure the content is well done.

That’s where I come in. I can help you create content that your audience loves and appreciates.

I genuinely want to see you succeed as a solopreneur. Start here.