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20 Habits You Need To Stop Right Now


I don’t know but comparing myself to others is not something I do intentionally, it’s something I catch myself doing after doing it for a while. To stop all this comparing, I removed the sources that lead me to compare. For example, I don’t frequent social media as much as I used to. I take 1 hour every day on social media and I’m done. I post, interact with other accounts and I’m out.


Complaining is a disease that attracts other diseases. Have you noticed that the more you complain, the more the universe gives you something to complain about? When I catch myself complaining, I stop and I replace it with a grateful thought like; I am healthy, my family is healthy.


If there’s anything I’m learning to do is to stop overthinking. I overthink everything and sadly, this is the reason that I fail in a lot. Nothing is ever perfect for me and that’s a terrible thing. Because I no longer want to keep failing, I do things in small doses and completing things makes me happier than perfecting them.

Being lazy

I am guilty. I am sometimes lazy and that’s a bad thing because nothing in this world was achieved by a lazy person. And I’m not talking about people who are lazy and discover ways to make their lives easier, I’m talking about the regular lazy.


Procrastinators are not necessarily lazy people, they just do everything else instead of the thing they are supposed to do. If you are a procrastinator, you are dooming yourself to failure in life. You’ve got to hold yourself accountable.


Do you know those people who over-plan and never deliver? Yeah, that’s me. I talk a big game but I never implement shit and that’s a huge problem that has led to past and current failure. Learn from my mistakes, overplanning and not implementing will only lead you to missing opportunities. Plan and get to it.

Eating junk

I’m not a junk eater, this is one thing I do right. Eating junk messes with my brain function and makes me fat. There’s just nothing good that comes from eating junk apart from the immediate satisfaction.

Listening to other people

I’m not saying refuse to take advice, No! I’m saying, stop consulting everyone but you when it comes to your life choices. You have a gut and you have information to make your life successful, stop seeking validation. Just do what needs to be done and you know what needs to be done.


Stop it. Just stop it. No one really cares that you plan on making $10000 at the end of the month. Seriously. Put in the work and let the success speak for itself.

Being bi-polar

Most people who get mad over tiny things are very insecure people. You getting angry all the time or getting pissed over small things doesn’t make you a boss or whatever you want to call yourself, it makes you a victim of your own emotions and that’s sad because other people see it but you.


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