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Social Media Detox & Why You Must Take One

So, I took a social media detox for 1 whole month and it felt FANTABULOUS. It was like a baptism.

The Social Media fast just made that more clearer

Why I took the well deserved detox

I took a social media detox because I was stressed and depressed. I’m broke as shit and everyone online seems to be living a better life than I am and I’m in constant wonder as to what I’m doing wrong.

I was also not getting any work done because I wanted to succeed so bad I was constantly looking for tips on YouTube on how to be a better YouTuber & Instagrammer. Ugh!

It’s funny because I’m getting more done now and most importantly, I’m enjoying this whole process of content creation, I’m not constantly trying to keep up. I guess I’m growing at my own pace and I’m okay with that.

The Main Benefits I got from that GLORIOUS social media detox include:

I compared less

For once, I don’t think I look like a potato because I’m not comparing my looks with these beautiful models who have a whole team of editors behind them. It’s fuckin liberating.

After a month of no Instagram, you soon realize that you aren’t missing out on shit.

I wasted way less time

Do you know that feeling when you log in to social media and you intend to take 5minutes to scroll? Only to realize that 5minutes later it’s actually 7hours later and you have to start cooking dinner?

Well, I had so much time on my hands I started writing this blog again, I got a whole hobby from detoxing.

I prayed more.

My goal every year is to get closer to God because with God I’m just a better person.

So, instead of logging in to Instagram early in the morning, I seek the face of God. Damn, that statement sounds so deep.

I don’t necessarily have to pray, I can listen to a sermon, read my Bible etc.

I was with myself a lot

When you are NOT constantly checking social media, you are forced to be with yourself and that gives you a lot of clarity when it comes to some things in your life.

I had some weird conversations with myself and it felt nice, I got clarity when it came to my goals and I got to know me a little bit better. I found out that you can make porridge in the microwave. Cool right?

I became happier after the well deserved social media detox

I have not been this happy in a few months because normally, I log in to my account and I see these young beautiful women get the bag and my ass is here broke af.

This social media detox was just amazing for me because for once I’m not constantly comparing my situation to other people’s.

I’m taking charge and I’m not acting out as a result of intimidation but I’m just taking time to figure shit out. Slowly but surely, no pressure.

I also get to be around people more, real people. I’ve not laughed this much in a while and I’m vibrating at a higher frequency.

Listening to my intuition became key

I am trying to make an impact but I went about it the wrong way by doing what these big influencers said to do and it wore me out man. I went against everything I knew and followed the logical path. It was a fail.

Initially, I wanted to talk about mental health and stuff like that but after watching too many videos about making it online, I started to think that the only way to make it is by thinking about social media like a business. And that’s still true but I guess I took it the wrong way.

So guess what I did? I started talking about social media because that’s where the money is at. I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t. It felt wrong.

I soon realized that you first have to love something for it to succeed. Loving what you do gives you the patience to keep doing it without return.

This detox got me listening to my intuition more.

Social media detox gave me so much clarity

I read a lot more

I love reading and that was my new year’s resolution but because I was trying so hard to become the best influencer ever, I somehow got too busy to read or workout in the morning.

My mental health deteriorated because I was so glued on my social media and looking for tips to make it on social media.

I’m currently re-reading Jen Sincero’s ‘How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and become a badass’ and this book is bringing my fire back.

I began to workout

I had abandoned my favorite thing to do in the morning; workout. I was constantly depressed and trying to get likes and comments. It was just a mess.

Like we say in these social media streets, I was ‘grinding’ and ‘hustling’. I wore myself out so fast and I’m glad I did because it led me to the social media detox and to change the strategy.


I’m going back to social media but I’m not worried so much about numbers. I’m just going to have fun with it. I don’t need an aesthetic, I don’t need to do things a specific way. I’m just going to have a lot of fun with it. Overthinking is truly my enemy.

If like me you are trying to get in the social media hustle, don’t overthink it. Just show up every day doing what you love. Listen to yourself more and understand that you have enough info to make it. Okay?

Social Media detox


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