10 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Personal Brand

Contrary to what the media tells you, a personal brand is not the “persona” you build online. A personal brand is who you are. If the person you are behind the scene is different from the person in front of the scene, then is your brand really authentic? Or are you just faking it for the gram?

With that being said, here are a few things that ruin the credibility of your personal brand.

1. Ignoring Your Personal Story

The main reason a lot of brands are unsuccessful is that they fail to be personal. People want to know you and not the persona you assume will attract them. The beauty of a personal story is that nobody can copy it. A lot of people assume that they need to be a certain way to grow. Don’t get me wrong, a good aesthetic helps but you don’t need to lie about who you are to stand out.

2. Never saying NO.

As a personal brand, you need to become comfortable with saying no to people or brands that you don’t want to collaborate with. Not every person or brand is worth working with.

3. Setting a fixed routine

Routines are useful for productivity. However, settling too deeply into a routine could put you in a poor position when things change abruptly. 

4. Taking negative comments personally

A negative comment can ruin your whole day, especially if you’re fairly new to receiving such comments. Instead of taking it to heart or reacting emotionally, analyze the comment and see if there’s truth to it. If there is, improve. If there’s no basis for the comment, reply kindly, take a screenshot and use your response for your brand’s benefit in the future.

5. Neglecting mistakes:

We’re all human and we all make mistakes. If you make a mistake, don’t dwell on it for long or ignore it. Take the lesson and move on. If you get a complaint, make sure you do everything possible not to make the same mistake again by identifying the root of the cause. 

6. Ignorance:

Stay on top of your brand. Know the trends and the innovations necessary for it to grow. A lot of brands make the mistake of doing the same old things over and over even when those things no longer work. Change is part of growth.

7. Doubting and worrying:

Doubts and worries kill a business because they hinder opportunities that our businesses need to develop. Develop a habit of boldness and acquiring knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask.

8. Greediness:

Greed has something to do with money. When a business person thinks about the profit he will earn without prioritizing the satisfaction of their customers, his business will eventually die because customers will look for satisfaction elsewhere. 

9. Procrastination:

When you make procrastination a habit, so many things stay stuck. In addition, your brand takes longer to grow.  

10. Impatience:

Building a personal brand that attracts thousands of dollars takes time and patience. A lot of personal brands don’t make money in their first year. So, take your time and don’t make rash decisions like quitting your job. Achieving success and lasting growth in business is a journey that needs patience. 

Quick Question:

I’m guilty of being impatient, procrastination, and ignoring my personal story. Which one are you guilty of? Leave a comment.