Foolproof ways to build a brand that stands out

4 foolproof ways to build a brand that stands out.

In a world full of fake gurus, a strong personal brand acts as a differentiator. It differentiates between those that have authority in a subject and those that don’t.

As a solopreneur, building a personal brand is non-negotiable. Especially if you want to choose your clients and not chase them.

Here are 4 foolproof ways to build a brand that stands out;

1. Speak to one person and forget the rest

A brand that speaks to everyone speaks to no one. One of the best ways to build a brand that has authority and credibility is by speaking to just one person. If you’re stuck, create a brand persona.

The consequence of speaking to everyone are;

  • Creating content for years without seeing results
  • Crickets when you ask people to buy
  • Burnout and dissatisfaction

To create a strong personal brand, you want to be the person that solves 1 problem for 1 person in your unique way.

2. Document, don’t curate

Have you been on Instagram lately? There are so many coaches and social media managers saying the same thing.

Nobody is telling a different story. Everyone is teaching, educating or dancing on reels.

It feels like a circus.

But that’s a good thing for you because there’s enough room for you to thrive as a coach.

Instead of creating a lot of content like this;

  • How to X
  • 5 ways to X

Create content like this instead,

  • “What I discovered when”,
  • “3 weird lessons I learnt from being on IG for a month”,
  • “3 ways I got over my inconsistency”.

Teaching worked for coaches 4-5 years ago, it doesn’t work in 2023.

3. Be exceptional with every single post

You can spend many years on social media trying to grow your personal brand. And you will if you get into a habit of creating lukewarm and average content.

The word exceptional shouldn’t intimidate you. Exceptional simply means having a process that allows you to deliver good content consistently. Mine looks like this

  • Have a goal for your content (Is it to create awareness, build authority etc)
  • Decide who the content is for (are they problem aware, unaware, or ready to buy?)
  • Do your research thoroughly
  • Create a draft
  • Edit the content
  • Add a strong CTA
  • Schedule the content

This process can continuously be optimized to get you better results.

4. Speak up

What makes you different in a sea of hundreds if not thousands of people doing the same thing you’re doing?

  • Speaking up about your honest thoughts
  • Creating videos that showcase your different points of view

Reduce the dancing videos and increase your opinionated videos. Dancing videos entertain and they have a purpose within the algorithm. But they don’t do much in building a strong credible brand.


To build a brand that stands out on social media, one ought to try and be themselves as much as they can. One way you can showcase your abilities is by:

  1. Speaking to one person and forgetting the rest
  2. Documenting but not curating
  3. Being exceptional with every post
  4. Speaking up

One last thing

Creating content can be hard if you don’t follow the right process. Poorly created content over time could ruin your brand’s credibility.

The good news is, if you follow the right process and avoid common content mistakes, you’ll be way ahead of the average coach or creator.

You can build a life you want with content, it has been done by many and it will continue to be done.

But, here’s the thing:

You may have all this information but still struggle to build a brand that stands out.

You may need someone to review your content process, make it efficient and even help you create content that drives results.

That’s where I come in.

I don’t guarantee you results, I guarantee you the best process to achieve results.

FYI, nobody can guarantee you results. You wanna know why? We don’t get to choose how other react to us.

I cannot guarantee you’ll get 100 followers daily, but I can guarantee that I will optimize your process to get you better results daily.