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4 Signs Lack of Clarity is Holding Your Brand Back

Lack of clarity is the reason a lot of creators create content for years without seeing results.

Gaining clarity takes more than just deciding to create content about topic X. Your success as a creator relies on whether you can communicate your value clearly.

While most creators create content about a certain topic every day, it’s not always enough for them to build a strong brand.

If you’re not sure if a lack of clarity is holding your brand back, here are 4 signs that it is;

You keep changing your niche

If you recently found yourself wanting to change your niche, then a lack of clarity could your problem.

I remember being in this exact position. As a matter of fact, I’ve struggled with a lack of clarity for years. Here’s how I snapped out of it;

  1. I started creating content for my younger self. The 24-year-old me who was stuck and didn’t know how to build a strong brand.
  2. I bought a $1300 course which helped a lot. But, you don’t have to, I created a brand persona workbook that will get you closer to finding your perfect tribe.
  3. I stopped focusing on having a niche and started focusing on the brand persona instead. This was the best thing I did. It took the pressure off.

You don’t know what services to offer

If you don’t yet know what you want to sell, that is a symptom that lack of clarity is holding you back.

You could be clear about your target audience but not your offer. Sometimes, it’s hard to identify something to sell that can be profitable and sustainable for your business.

If you’ve never sold anything, consider these 2 options;

Active income

Here, you want to sell something like “social media management services” or a 12-week coaching program.

These are harder to sell because of the investment required. The good thing is, you don’t need to sell to a lot of people to make a good income.

Passive income

Here you want to sell templates, ebooks or masterclasses.

These are easier to sell but you have to sell a lot of them to make a substantial income. With these, you want to have a funnel that leads them to your more expensive services.

Remember, the person that invests in your lower-priced services is more inclined to invest in your higher-priced ones. Especially when they get a lot of value.

Your content is similar to other creators in your niche

If you find that there isn’t much difference between your content and other creators’ content, there’s something wrong. And it’s most likely a lack of clarity in your USP.

Put it this way, if the only thing different about you is your brand colours, that’s a sign to make a change. Here are a few ways;

  1. Identify who you want to help
  2. Identify what makes you the perfect person to teach them
  3. Share more about your experiences and less of “You should do this”.

You don’t have a clear outcome for your brand

Do you know what you want to achieve with your brand in the next 3 months? Or the next 6? Is there a clear path you’re following to achieve those goals?

If your answer is No, then maybe you have a clarity problem. One thing I’ve discovered with my clients is that it’s harder to have clear goals if you lack clarity about who you serve and how you serve them.

The good thing is; most people find alignment through action. The more you create, the more clarity you’ll get. It’s sometimes as simple as that.


There’s no doubt that a lack of clarity will hold your business back. Not having a clear path to success will have you creating content for years without seeing any results.

If you want your brand to be successful, you must have some level of clarity.