Building a successful brand

4 things I thought I needed to build a successful brand

If you know me, you know I’ve struggled with inconsistency. Part of that inconsistency was caused by my false beliefs about what it took to build a successful brand.

Building a successful brand isn’t complicated, yet we make it so.

Think about it, some of the most successful brands in the world didn’t have a strategic plan or a checklist when they started.

However, they had a burning desire to do something and they took 1 action that led to another action.

Here are a few of the lies I believed about building a successful brand that turned out to be lies;

I thought I needed to have a specific niche to start building a successful brand.

Trying to come up with a niche as a new solopreneur online can seem daunting. It can also be frustrating and can cause a lot of procrastination.

I understand the importance of starting your brand on a clear note but is it necessary that you have 100% certainty? No.

An easier alternative to niching down is creating a brand persona. A brand persona allows you to target your content to one person and not a specific market segment.

Moreover, it allows you to understand where this person (your brand persona) is mentally and the solutions they need right now.

Creating a brand persona gives you a lot of clarity, especially when done right.

I thought I needed to be or sound like an expert to get credibility.

Ah, the lies we tell ourselves. You don’t need to be or sound like an expert to build a successful brand.

What’s an expert even?

When you look at all the successful brands online like Mr Beast, Gary Vee, Chris Do etc, do they sound like experts? Or do they sound like themselves?

Part of building a successful personal brand is being yourself and sounding like yourself. This is because people buy you first before they buy your services.

I thought I needed to have a lot of information beforehand to build a successful brand.

I’m a guzzler when it comes to consuming content. At first, I thought I needed to know a lot to come up with a winning strategy. Now I realize that it was all a lie.

The information you have is enough to get you to your first $1000.

I thought I needed to look like a baddie to build a successful brand.

I thought I needed to have my nails done, my face beat and have an “it girl” look to build a strong brand.

As I get older, I sometimes worry about how people perceive me. Do they think I’m old at 28? Should I have my life figured out by now?

All these thoughts have done nothing but hold me back. I’m here now and yes, I’m turning 30 soon. So what?

Weirdly enough, nobody cares. Do you know what people care about? My ability to take them from point A to point B. They care about their own transformation.

I thought I needed beautiful designs to build a successful brand.

We put emphasis on the weirdest of things. Yes, graphics are important and they make your brand memorable.

Even so, what and how you communicate is what lands you the clients.

The role of a strong visual identity is to amplify your message. That means, if your message is vague, your beautiful graphics will amplify the vagueness of your brand.

I thought I needed X number of followers to gain authority.

Indeed people determine the value of your brand, not you. The assumption we make is that you need 10K+ followers to be an authority.

You can be an authority to 500 people. It doesn’t matter the number.

Unfortunately, a lot of people despise their few followers, and as a result, they don’t grow. If you desire to grow, you have to treat your followers like gold.

Appreciate your 10 followers, create great content for them and serve them.

Finding Clarity with your brand

Building a successful brand in 2023 can be hard if you aren’t clear about your brand persona.

A brand that isn’t clear will not have the impact it should. As a matter of fact, it can ruin your credibility and prevent you from landing clients.

The great news is if you create a brand persona, you can avoid building your brand blind. You’ll be ahead of the average person and you’ll build a brand that is credible.

Start your journey by building the perfect brand persona.