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5 crazy myths I unlearned about digital marketing this year

5 crazy myths I unlearned about digital marketing this year

Crazy myths I unlearnt about digital marketing this year

So, I’ve been in digital marketing for about 2 years now and I’ve learned a few things that shook me a little.

Before I got into digital marketing, here’s what I thought;

  • The only way to stand out as an influencer is by taking pretty photos
  • Digital marketing is easy; anyone can do it
  • Marketing is saturated af
  • All you need is consistency
  • If you want to grow, you should follow and like a lot of accounts.. they’ll follow you back and like your content as reciprocity

I had to unlearn everything about that. I realized that;

  • You don’t need to take pretty photos to be an influencer, you need a good story that people are interested in
  • Digital marketing is exhausting af and even though a lot of people do it, a lot of people don’t succeed
  • Marketing is indeed saturated..but saturated with a lot of crap.. you can totally get in and stand out
  • Consistency is great, but if you are consistent with content that people don’t like, you’ll waste so much time.
  • Growth takes time…nothing good comes easy.

Bonus point

I know for a fact that success is intentional. I don’t always want to wake up early, go to the gym or work on my dreams, put that’s the price you pay for success.

Another example is this blog, I seriously don’t want to write this shit, but it helps me learn, it helps with my communication and it helps you too.

You’ve got to go outside your comfort zone if you want to achieve anything.

Task for you:

Work on your dream for 1 hour today.


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