Personal branding 2022

A few changed thoughts on personal branding.

I’ve been reading “This is Marketing” and before I got to reading this book, I believed a couple of things that I no longer believe.

I used to believe that ‘authenticity’ is important when building a personal brand.

I now believe that authenticity has nothing to do with being impactful, instead, you have to be consistent and professional. Meaning that it doesn’t matter how you feel, what matters is that you show up and deliver with the same standards.

FYI, there’s a difference between being yourself and being authentic.

Being yourself is who you are; how you speak, your personality, your flaws and all.

Being authentic is defined differently by a lot of people but by modern standards, being authentic is more about how you feel.

Seth Godin says it best; if you go to the hospital and your doctor tells you he’s not in the best mood and he’s going through a mental health crisis, you’d be sceptical about him treating you. Yes, he was being authentic but he was also unprofessional.

I believed in being honest with your audience about your status. As long as you’re producing great content, why should they care?

Until I realized that people have biases and their perception of your status can determine if they trust you or not. What? It’s human nature.

You too assign status symbols every day; by how people dress, how they look, express themselves, what they drive, what they read, the events they go to, who they know and how they carry themselves.