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Brand Marketing; Making your brand stand out in little ways

Everything you do, from the way you design your content, to the way you write your captions and to the way you reply to your comments; all of is a form of brand marketing.

You can’t measure it. You might not even notice it. But it still matters.

When you start creating content, take note of those little things. Ensure there’s a pattern to your content that can be recognized over and over again. It could be your colours, how you write, how you show up to your stories or something you say over and over again. Whatever it is, make it synonymous with your brand.

People often don’t remember the content they see, they remember what they see over and over again.

Even in the age of reels and TikTok, it’s still very important that people recognize your brand. Create your videos in an easy-to-recognize way. Don’t just copy what others are doing, that never really sticks.

Even though they’re hard to measure, those little things make you stand out.