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Category: Personal Branding

  • The start of my personal branding journey.

    It was December 2018 and I had just been laid off from my very boring accounting job. The job paid $250 a month and I was more than happy to have that paycheck, at first. This was my very first job after uni and even though I was more of a creative person, I assumed […]


  • Your Personal Brand Doesn’t Speak For Itself.

    Close your eyes and imagine you’re a wealthy collector who’s just entered a gallery in an art museum. On the wall facing you, there are two gigantic canvases, each more than 10 feet tall. Both pictures depict a harbour at sunset. From across the room, they look identical; the same ships, the same reflections on […]


  • 16 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Personal Brand in 2023

    16 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Personal Brand in 2023

    Contrary to what the media tells you, a personal brand is not the “persona” you build online. A personal brand is who you are. If the person you are behind is different from the person in front of the scene, is your brand really authentic? Or are you just faking it for social media? That […]