Does Authenticity Really Matter When it Comes To Building an Impactful Personal Brand?

The simple answer is it doesn’t. At least not as much as we expect it to.

Being yourself is one thing and being authentic is another.

I love how Seth Godin puts it; If you go to the doctor, you expect professionalism and nothing short of it, you don’t care if the doctor is having a bad mood, you want him to help you get better.

It’s the same thing with building a personal brand, just because you don’t feel like showing up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

So, what should you do when you don’t feel like showing up? Well, you should STILL show up.

Stick to your promise and deliver the content your audience expects you to deliver. Think about it like work, if you got into the habit of missing work consistently, you’d get fired (regardless of the reason).

Get yourself out of the thinking that your audience cares about your personal life because, for the most part, they don’t. (Unless your personal life is what your brand is about).

People care about themselves. If you stop showing up for them, they stop showing up for you.

So, instead of being authentic and showing up when you FEEL like it, be professional; show up because you promised to show up.