Fashion in personal branding

Dress How You Want To Be Addressed.

What you wear makes a statement. In some cases, it tells people you’re homeless, in others, it tells people you’re a soldier and in others, it tells people you’re wealthy. People judge you, consciously or subconsciously by what you wear. This isn’t a bad or good thing, it’s a normal thing.

There isn’t “bad dressing”, at least I don’t think so. But, how you dress will draw a category of people to you, especially online. If you dress in a simple way, you might attract a group that finds you relatable. If you dress elegantly, you’ll attract people who either aspire to dress like you or a group of people that also dress like you.

This goes back to the law of association. Who is the person that wants to associate with you based on how you present yourself? Who are you attracting?

How you dress also dictates how people treat you. If you are an average dresser, you’ll most likely blend in with other average dressers. If you are a soldier, people tend to show respect (depending on which country you live in). And if you dress elegantly, people tend to assume you’re important and treat you as such.

The next time you’re buying an outfit, make sure it not only represents you but also represents how you prefer to be addressed.