storytelling in personal branding

How Do You Stay Memorable as a Personal Brand?

The easiest part of building a personal brand is creating content. The hardest part is standing out. Think about it, a good 70+% of people who create content online don’t make anything from it.

A good number of people who are doing great on social media have teams behind their content. So, what makes you stand out as a new content creator? The simple answer is storytelling.

People remember stories more often than they remember anything else. Your goal is to make a connection. At this stage, it’s about resonating with people that need your help

So how do you tell stories with your content? Simple, imagine you’re talking to your ideal client. If you don’t have an ideal client yet, create a brand persona and think of him/her anytime you’re creating.

An example of a creator that tells stories is Mahdi Woodard.

Another example is this guy here:

My point is; don’t overthink this storytelling thing otherwise you’ll never start or grow.