Everything is Figeroutable!

Everything is figuraoutable

I was listening to a youtube video about a guy who has accomplished quite a lot at 27. He’s a doctor, successful youtuber, podcaster, and course creator. At the point of listening to him, I was wondering how 1 person could do all that. Because I work 30hours a week and I don’t usually have time for anything else.

At the point of listening to him, I was complaining about how I’m always swamped with work and I was even considering quitting so that I’d free up some time. That would have been a bad idea FYI.

He attributed his success to the famous quote by Marie Forelo, “Everything is figureoutable.” In essence what he was saying was, if I want to create content on Instagram and still work my 30hour/week job, it was possible. I just needed to figure out a plan that would work for me.

And I’m here to echo the same thing to you, “Everything is figureoutable.” When you focus on solutions instead of your feelings, you might actually come across a great idea. And in a lot of cases, the solution is usually under your nose. But, you’ve got to be willing to seek solutions instead of complaining.

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One of the things that help me get through without complaining is my daily planner.

Luwany’s Planner

Anyway, that’s it for me. Have a great day ahead. ❤

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