How To Build a Personal Brand When You’re Lazy AF.

Honestly, I wouldn’t know. I have never really built a successful personal brand. Buuuuut, I have been consistent with my work-outs for the last 7months and I think there are things I can borrow from that.

I used to be a very lazy person and quite frankly I still think I am. So how do I manage to workout 5 times a week for 7months straight? Well, the main thing is the power of compounding and the fact that I do no more than 40 minutes of exercise.

Anyway, here’s how it translates to personal branding.

The power of Compounding. It’s about the power of compounding, little efforts daily will be excellent results in 7months.

-Start by creating a post every day. 1 post will take you about 30 minutes max to create. By the 7th month, it will take you about 5minutes to create one post.

You need a few things to succeed; good branding, engagement, and consistency. If you’re a lazy person, don’t wait until Saturday to create content.

-Make creating a daily habit. Block 1 hour every day at 6:00 am (or whatever time) and create content, post, and engage.