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Bossing Up: Developing The CEO Mindset

Bossing Up: Developing The CEO Mindset


What do you think of when you think of CEO? I think of:

  • A woman that manages her time well
  • Strategic thinker
  • She has an ability to focus and prioritize,
  • Confident yet has a sweet energy
  • Highly Skilled
  • Someone that makes lots of money doing what they love

According to research, the top 5 characteristics of a CEO are:

  • Decisiveness
  • Confidence and Self-Belief
  • Strategic
  • Professional/Personal Life Balance
  • Leader and not a follower.

Here are the 5 things you need to do every day to manifest your CEO dreams into reality:

#1: Manage your time like a boss

The only way you can guarantee a future that makes you smile is by managing your time now.

Most of the time, we assume that things will remain the same. Or that things will become better. We forget that we are the deciders.

In 2 years, your life could be completely different. But that’s determined by what you do with your time.

Cut down on activities that don’t add value. And start filling your day with activities that propel you to a successful future.

#2: Automate your biz’s processes

The one sermon I preach often is the automation sermon. I actually learned this from the CEO I worked for.

She is an American and I’m Kenyan. Our working cultures are very different and I saw first-hand how she run her biz; what worked and what didn’t.

As solopreneurs, we need to automate a lot of processes. It not only saves you time but helps you focus on the income-generating activities.

What to automate:

  • Process of acquiring new prospects
  • Payment processes and your invoicing process
  • Your social graphics
  • Email templates
  • Online content like blogging, Podcasting, and Video
  • Distribution of content

How to automate:

Pick a day of the week and focus on creating systems. You can review these systems once a month if you need to.  

What is the one thing you do over and over in your business that you can simplify?

I for instance have a blogging, podcast, and video template. I don’t have to think about how I’ll shoot a YouTube video. I know my camera settings, the editing style, and the theme and I’m sticking with it.

#3: Prioritize Like a Boss

Prioritizing is a skill every solopreneur needs to sharpen.

You’ll be surprised to know that there a few things you need to focus on to succeed in business. Not everything that glitters needs attention.

Focus on the gold in your business.

List a few income generating activities, for a graphic designer,

  • Social Media graphics that showcase their work
  • Blog posts that target the ideal audience
  • Youtube videos that showcase their character and processes
  • Networking

#4: Do one thing that boosts your self-confidence

As a boss you need to have a lot of confidence and self-belief. You’ll be surprised by how many people want to do things but don’t have the confidence to start.

The lack of confidence may be due to surrounding yourself with negative people.

Sara Blakely, CEO of Spandex said she kept her ideas to herself for a year. Why? She didn’t want to have to defend her ideas to people who didn’t get it. Instead, she spend time pursuing those ideas.

Sometimes, the one thing that boosts your confidence is staying away from family or friends that are toxic.

#5: Stop talking about taking action

Everyone has big dreams, it’s human nature. It’s so easy to imagine a better and brighter future. But if you don’t actually get up and work, your dreams will remain dreams.

Get into the habit of taking action. It builds self-belief.

The more you set goals and fail to achieve them, the more you distrust yourself. When you don’t trust yourself, you start doubting if you are actually good enough.

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Being consistent is one of the ways to boost your self-confidence.

A few things you can start being consistent in:

  • Working out consistently
  • Waking up early consistently
  • Committing to a routine

Taking intentional action makes you feel good about yourself. So, do one thing that prepares you to be a mentally strong CEO.

#6: Engage with other CEOs (On podcasts, Blog, Youtube video)

With COVID, the only way to network is online. You seriously don’t need to be outside to meet with awesome like-minded people.

There are so many amazing YouTube videos you can watch, blogs to read, and podcasts to listen to.

Youtube Videos you can watch:

  • Erin On Demand
  • Vanessa Lau

Podcasts To Listen To

  • The Solopreneur by Luwany

#7: Make good decisions consistently

We are a result of the decisions we constantly make. Where you are now is as a result of all the decisions you’ve made so far.

Thus, if you see yourself as a future CEO, start creating that reality by deciding to take the relevant actions. For instance, you may want to stop snoozing your clock in the morning.

#8: Become a leader and not a follower

Followers are attracted to leaders because followers want to follow. Leaders don’t need to look for followers, followers naturally seek them.

#9: Create a night-routine like a boss

A lot of people insist on the morning routine but neglect the night routine. Yet, the night routine gives the morning routine its reputation.

Every time my night routine is not on point, my morning routine suffers. This week, I’ve been waking up at 6:00am instead of 4:40 am. Why? Because I’ve been getting in bed with my phone.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Turn on the nightmode on at around 7pm
  • Get into bed earlier. If you plan to rise at 5:00, get in bed 1.5hours earlier.
  • Listen to a sleeping meditation


A CEO midset doesn’t just invole having positive emotions and a good attitude. It involves taking actions that match your future. Here are a few things;

  1. Manage your time like a boss
  2. Automate your biz’s processes
  3. Focus on the relevant stuff
  4. Do one thing that boosts your self-confidence
  5. Stop talking about taking action
  6. Engage with other CEOs (On podcasts, Blog, Youtube video)
  7. Make good decisions consistently
  8. Become a leader and not a follower
  9. Create a night-routine like a boss
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