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Bossing Up: How To Create a Routine and Stick to it

Bossing Up: How To Create a Routine and Stick to it

Creating a routine and sticking to it

We can all agree that creating a routine and sticking to it is hard. But even so, creating a routine is detrimental to success.

Routines help to steer away from bad habits during the day. Additionally, a good routine encourages productivity & the accomplishing of goals.

Just like it is easy to stick to a bad routine, it’s also easy to stick to a good one. The only difference is, a good routine comes with all the benefits.

#1: What routines do you want to stick to?

The first step is deciding what kind of routine you want to stick to. You want to pick routines that are in alignment with your values. That way, you’ll have fun sticking to them.

Identify your top 3 personal Values:

Those could be God, health & money. This list could help you come up with a routine that looks like this:

  • Wake up at 5:00 am
  • Pray and read the bible (Or whatever your religion is about
  • Workout for 20 mins
  • Learn a skill that you can monetize in future

Because the routine is in alignment to your values, it becomes easier to stick to it.

#2: What normally stops you from sticking to a routine?

Just like in everything, understanding your triggers is important to having a successful implementation. What usually comes between you and successfully creating a routine that sticks?

Most of the time, you fail because;

  • You start a little too big
  • You don’t hold yourself accountable
  • Your focus is on implementing the good and not eliminating the bad
  • Your why is not as strong
  • You are trying to keep us with the Joneses instead of starting at your own pace

#3: Stop Bullshitting

A lot of times, we blame a lot of our failures on everything else but ourselves. We live in a society that encourages you to be okay with being fat, lazy and unsuccessful.

At one point, you’ve got to bring yourself to a meeting and hold yourself accountable for the actions and decisions that brought you to where you are. You need to stop bullshitting.

When creating a routine that sticks, it is not about your feelings. It is never about your feelings because subconsiously, you’ll want to do what’s easy.

It’s about showing up daily to smash your goals. Regardless of your emotions.

#4: Start small, I know, I know

Nobody ever wants to start small. You probably don’t.

You want to get the results of good habits in 2 weeks. Yet, you’ve cultivated your bad habits for years. It’s human nature, and you aren’t alone.

But, coming from an ex lazy and procrastinating queen (aka me), I can assure you, starting small is the fastest way to get there.

Start with 3 small goals.

When I started, my goals were;

  • Making my bed daily
  • Reading a book’s chapter daily
  • Meditating

I told myself I was only going to be consistent for 5 days. Once I completed the 5 days, I decided to do it for 10 days. And once that happened, I added more little habits into the mix. That became addictive.

#5: Become a slave to good habits

Don’t every rely on motivation to help you achieve anything. Insist on becoming disciplined. When you are disciplined in good habits, your success becomes inevtiable.

For example:

  • If you do a good workout 5 times weekly and eat healthily, you will without a doubt lose weight.
  • If you practice being positive daily, you will kill the negativity and start to see beauty more often.
  • If you read good books consistently, you will become smarter
  • If you learn a skill and practice it regularly, you will become very good at it.

#6: Make it a challenge

Taking on new habits is looked at as a chore. But it’s not, it’s actually a fun experience when you make it one.

I always create new habits by making them a challenge. Like we’ve discussed about, start by making it a 5day challenge.

If you want to start working out, decide to workout for 4 times in a week. When you accomplish that, do another longer challenge like 10 day challenge.

This process is super fun.

#7: Get a planner

As much as these challenges are fun, you need to actually put them on paper. The importance of this is; to ensure that you can catch yourself if you start reverting back to old habits.

You can also mark it out on your calendar.

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#8: Make it about the transformation

This is a transformation from being you now to being the person you want to be. It’s a process. So, don’t rush it.

You can’t rush into becoming a butterfly.

Stop making it about the goal and make it about the process.

Instead of saying, I want to make $500 by the end of the month. Break that down into activities that will get you to generating the $500.

Is it doing more work? Is it learning a new skill? Or taking a new job?

Whatever it is, make it about the process and not the goal.

For instance:

My goal is to actually make an extra $100 in my biz. I know that for that to happen, I need to showcase my expertise on social platforms. So, instead of focusing on the $100, I’m focused on creating content for YouTube.

#9: Be easy on yourself, you’ll mess up

You will mess up and you will feel discouraged. But that is part of this process. Take that L. But don’t you dare stay defeated, rise up and keep pushing.

At 26, I can tell you that there is no point in time that you will not want to do better. It’s a human need.

So, even if you want, you shouldn’t give up. Because in a few days, weeks, months or even years, you will want to do better.


  • Decide on the routines you want to stick to
  • Stop bullshitting and get yourself together
  • Starting small is the fastest way to get to your destination
  • Make your WHY strong enough
  • Make it a challenge that’s fun and easy to accomplish
  • Let it be about the process
  • Be easy on yourself, you’ll mess up

The Solopreneurship Challenge of The Month

Hey fellow solopreneurs, I would like you to pick any of these categories for the challenge. Implement one little thing in your biz for the next 30days.

  • Social Media – Create a little challenege for your biz and implement it. For example, posting on Instgram and LinkedIn 3 times a week at 7:00am.
  • Making Money – Do one little money making task for your biz. For instance, taking on one more client, share your services once a week on LinkedIn, proactively look for clients (Could take 2hours daily).
  • Productivity– Do one little task outside work that clears your mind. For instance, working out, taking a walk in nature for 20 mins a day, reading a book that empowers you.
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