Don't get attached to your content

Lessons from publishing my first Instagram post

Publishing your first Instagram post is a huge deal. It’s a leap of faith and it takes more courage than a lot of people realize. It’s an act of facing your fears; a courageous act.

A lot of creators tell you to “just face your fears and do the damn thing” but it’s not easy because of the mental blocks that hold you back.

Let’s talk about some of those mental blocks;

Fear is seriously an illusion

When you finally publish your first post after weeks or months of thinking about it, you’ll realize that the fear was all in your head. You’ll realize that fear is the illusion you magnified.

Publishing your first Instagram post was difficult because you made procrastination a habit.

You said, “I’ll do it on Monday”, and then Monday came and you watched a couple of youtube videos that made you feel like you needed to do more. So you pushed it to the other Monday. And pushing became a habit.

Once you hit publish, you burst that perfectionism bubble. The excitement that comes with procrastinating disappears.

All the waiting was a bit useless

All that time you waited to have the perfect first post was a waste of time. It wasn’t worth it was it?

And do you know why it was a bit useless? Because it never mattered, your post was good enough. It was always good enough. You just convinced yourself otherwise.

The next posts you publish will also be good and they’ll only keep getting better.

Creating is a duty

As a solopreneur, you are a business owner; a CEO of your personal brand. Your business needs to make money to survive and it needs to make a lot more to thrive. Creating isn’t an emotional act for you, it’s a duty.

You have a duty to your audience and to yourself. To your audience, your duty is to create content that solves their problems. To your business, your duty is to create systems and offer your services at a good price.

So, content creation for a solopreneur like yourself is a strategic endeavour and not an emotional one.

Nobody gives a shit about your first Instagram post anyway

Do you know who cares about your first post being perfect? About your face not being pretty enough? Or about your being overweight?

YOU. You are the only one who cares about that. The rest of us just care about what you have to say and the solutions you bring to the table.

We do not care about you sis. We really don’t. Stop criticizing yourself and share your gift with the world.

If you feel a bit stressed, listen to this.

You must give yourself grace

Regardless of how long it’s taken you to publish that first Instagram post, you have to give yourself grace. I mean, a lot of people never take the first step. A lot of people allow fear to keep them down. But not you. You took action, finally. And that’s a win worth noting.

The only thing you have to do now is see this content creation thing through. Give yourself grace when you fail to be consistent but pick yourself right back. Never stay down.

Think like a CEO and not a creator

I was reading Vanessa Lau’s newsletter and she said something that really got me thinking. She said, a lot of creators are attached to their content and most of them suck at thinking like a CEO.

She gave a couple of tips that I’d love for you to know;

  1. Don’t get attached to your content, instead create free content to test market demand for future paid products.
  2. Focus on repeatable processes. Don’t create content for all platforms, instead, create long-form content for your youtube channel or website and then chop that up and distribute it to all other channels.
  3. Know your target audience and ignore the rest.