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The 3-Step Method to landing your first client EVEN IF you’re brand-spankin’ new… don’t have a lot of clients… and don’t have a lot of followers.

Here's what you'll learn from this FREE masterclass

  • My signature step-by-step , method on how to land your first client WITH less than 1000 followers.
  • The SAME lessons my clients use have helped them land their very first client on social media.
  • A complete breakdown of how I achieved more than 10 clients in less than 90 days of starting social media. FYI, I didn’t have 1000 followers, or experience working with coaching clients and I didn’t have testimonials yet.
  • The MOST detrimental mistakes new coaches make when trying to land their first client … that YOU SHOULD AVOID!
# You purpose to understand your client and their needs. # You clearly state what you offer. # You understand your role/ you do your research. # You are natural at what you do, the sessions flow. # You are relatable, easy and comfortable to converse with. # You suggest ideas without imposing. # You are more focused on delivering results, creating a relationship and giving value for money. Before the call I was actually thinking that I would like to work with you in the long term if things go well in this first project. I am really looking forward to it.