Branding mistakes that wasted my life

4 Personal Branding Mistakes That Wasted 2 Years of My Life.

Personal branding mistakes are common and we make them every day. But, some of these mistakes could change the trajectory of your life.

Imagine yourself in 2025, you have a successful brand. You’re selling courses, speaking all over the world and travelling as often as you wish.

Now imagine that in 2025 you’re in the same position you’re in today.

Here are personal branding mistakes that made me stagnate;

Not having a plan for my personal brand

Not having a plan for my personal brand is one of the dumbest personal branding mistakes I made.

And because of it, I lost a couple of years wandering in the wilderness not knowing when to move, how to move and when to stop.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do coaching, social media management or sell templates, so I just posted content.

The worst of these sins was, I spent too much time on Canva because I didn’t have a plan for myself. The inefficiency was real.

Creating a plan for my personal brand, even just a dumb plan would have saved me months if not years.

Did you know that a business plan creates a 30% greater chance of growth?

Keep in mind that you cannot optimize what doesn’t exist. So, a not-so-perfect plan is better than no plan at all.

Not having a process that would make it easy to maintain my brand.

It’s one thing to have a plan, it’s another to create systems that back that plan up. Here’s the thing, a lot of people have plans for success, yet so few get to success. Why? Well, one reason is because of their lack of systems.

I realize that now. The lack of systems is the reason I was so inconsistent for years. It doesn’t have to be that way for you.

With good systems in place, you won’t need to quit your job because of burnout.

Here are simple processes I’d implement if I was just starting out:

  • A content creation system
  • Engagement system
  • Monetization system

You need about a week or 2 to set these up. But once you do, you’ll have a flow that works. If you don’t have the time, I got you. I can do this for you at a small fee.

Thinking about what to sell instead of the solutions I’d offer.

One of the dumbest personal branding mistakes people make is trying to make money as immediately as they start. That is a mistake because it puts you in a twisted frame of mind.

I’ve personally done this. A few things I noticed are;

  • I looked at everyone as a prospect
  • My patience was non-existent, I wanted the money
  • I wasn’t genuinely helping people

When I understood that success takes time, I gave myself 12 months to make a sale. That took off the pressure and I’ve been more genuine about helping people.

What you need to realize is that social media is not your entire business, it’s just part of it. I get clients by freelancing and applying for jobs.

Wasting so much time on Canva trying to design the best graphics for my brand.

I love Canva but this app has wasted so much of my time.

Let’s get this clear, your graphics have nothing to do with the success of your personal brand. Pick your graphics and move on.

I didn’t say they aren’t important, I’m saying they are the thing that will break your business or make you successful.

Whatever you do, don’t waste too much time trying to decide which colour or which design is best.

My criteria for picking graphics are:

  • Pick 1 colour that you like.
  • Go to and generate the rest of the colours using that initial colour
  • Give yourself 2 hours max to decide
  • Once you do, go to Canva and pick 10 templates for the content that you’ll use for your brand
  • Create content
  • If 3 months later you want to change the colours, change them.

This is a bit embarrassing but I wasted 3 months trying to figure this out.


You’ll make a lot of personal branding mistakes. And that’s fine but the biggest mistakes you’ll make are waiting to start and starting without a plan.