personal branding vs google search

Personal branding Vs Search Engines

The google ecosystem is based on a myth. the myth is that millions of businesses, all grooming themselves for the search engine, will be found by people who seek them.

The ecosystem suggests that when we follow the rules and type in “freelance copywriter”, “Instagram coach”, “social media manager”, we will find you.

The math can’t support this. There are a thousand pages of results. What delusion we must be under to imagine that we will be the first match. The path isn’t to be found when someone types in a generic term.

The path is to have someone care enough about you and what you create that they’ll type in your name. That they’ll be looking for you and not a generic alternative.

Yes, I want you to find my blog by searching “personal branding” on google. But I’d rather you search for Luwany instead.