Productivity Tools That Boost my Business as a Solopreneur

Productivity Tools I Use As a Solopreneur To Boost My Productivity By 30%

I’m a big fan of systems and productivity tools because I know just how important they are to running a successful business. Plus, one of the biggest obstacles we face as solopreneurs is TIME.

Time is simply never enough. Especially now that we have a billion social media platforms to share our content to.

Mind you, I’ve used a lot of productivity tools for the last 4 years. The tools I use now are the least complicated and most effective for my business.

1. Canva Pro

I use Canva Pro a bit differently than other creators. Not only do I use it to design content, but I also use it to edit videos, schedule my Pinterest and LinkedIn Content and design my website. This is one tool that is detrimental to my productivity as a solopreneur. And it’s just $6 a month.

There was a time I downgraded from Canva Pro to Canva Free but I didn’t even last a week on the free version. The inconvenience was too real for me.

2. My Google Sheet Habits Tracker

I designed a habits tracker on google Sheets that I adore. FYI, you can totally design your own too. I have a complete business google sheet for my business that makes my life a whole lot easier.

My content calendar is also on google sheets. I mean, I run my entire business on this thing.

These templates are easy to create and they are most importantly FREE.

If you really want a productivity tool and you do not desire to pay anything for any of the available tools online, use google sheets.

For those of you that do not dream of labour, I’ll make these google Sheets templates available for sale soon. They’ll go for about $5 to about $30.

3. Planoly

I would normally advise anybody to use Meta, because duh, it’s free. But, I use Planoly because it allows me to schedule stories, Instagram feed posts, Instagram reels and tiktoks all in one place. I mean, the convenience is truly unmatched. This is my first month of using Planoly, so, I might have a different review of it next month. Who knows?

Building a personal brand is no easy task, but the above tools take the stress away. I seriously don’t have to worry about not being consistent with content because I have good systems.