Stop overthinking your personal brand

Stop Overthinking Your Personal Brand

When it comes to overthinking your personal brand, I’ve been there, and done that.

I’m currently reading, “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon. The book suggests a couple of principles that I find very interesting.

The main principle is that you should share your work, not your latte or your dogs. Austin encourages you to take a lot of photographs of your work at different stages in your process and share that online.

That sounds great and it is.

There’s also another school of thought that emphasizes understanding the algorithms and catering to those algorithms. E.g if you want to grow on Instagram, you need to know what the algorithms push and create within those parameters.

Oh and let’s not forget Aristotle and his suggestion that to build a strong brand, there needs to be a balance between ethos, logos, and pathos.

The school of thought I believe is balanced is Aristotle’s. Here’s a breakdown:

If your idea of building a personal brand is tied to making income, I believe Aristotle’s formula works best.

?Logos is about showing proof and evidence that what you believe in is actually true or has some truth to it. You want to post statistics, facts, research, and studies that back your claims.

?Pathos is about personality and emotions. In this section, you talk about your story, mistakes, wins, and losses. This helps you connect better with your audience.

?Ethos is about building credibility and trust. You want to post content that shows your authority in the subject.

Clearly, there are many schools of thought on the subject of personal branding, but you have to pick the school of thought that works for YOU.

The Best Way To Build a Personal Brand according to ME;

Improving yourself daily.

If you want to improve your personal brand, you have to improve YOU first.

E.g making your bed every morning, dressing and looking nice daily even when you’re working from home, being consistent with the gym, etc. There’s something about self-improvement that makes you a better creator.

Posting what you think is great

It doesn’t matter which school of thought you’re using, get into the habit of doing things. The more you do, the more you know what works. Do more of that and less of what doesn’t work.


Once you’re in the habit of taking action, look at what is repeatable in your business like creating content and automating it. Come up with a formula (a standard) that makes you create content faster and easier.

Keep improving.

One of my favourite personal branding tips from Grant Cardone is;

Keep changing who you are to the public. By continuously reinventing yourself, you bring in new audiences, keep existing ones interested, and connect on a deeper level with your people.