‘Teaching’ will mess up your personal brand

Let’s get it straight, the people you’re talking to are not children. They don’t need to be lectured about XYZ. They are grown adults who either have a problem understanding that they have a problem or grown adults who are struggling with a problem.

Think of them as your friends. You don’t need to sound smart or super-educated to communicate with these friends, you need to be kind and empathetic. Nobody cares that you can go to Havard, can you solve the problem? Can you understand? Are you kind in solving problems? Are you empathetic?

That’s it.

If you’re talking to a new mom that’s struggling to get back in shape, meet her where she is. When you put yourself in her shoes and express yourself in a way that gets and keeps her attention, you connect with her in a way that a lot of other coaches or businesses don’t.

My point is; you don’t need to be ALL THAT to build an impactful personal brand.