The beauty of small beginnings when you’re building a personal brand.

We all love small beginnings, especially when it comes to other people. Weirdly enough, most of us don’t like the idea of starting small. We want to either go big or go home.

When it comes to building a personal brand on social media, most people want to be seen as the expert and NEVER the student. Even when it’s clear that you’re just a beginner.

Most of us want the 10k followers and the $10K months almost immediately or maybe in a month tops. It usually doesn’t work like that. And that’s a GOOD THING.

Instead of wanting a large number of followers to support you a little, how about a small number of followers that support you a lot? I mean, if you can’t succeed in the small, why do you believe you’ll succeed in the large?

You don’t need 1M followers to have a career online, you just need 1000 true fans. Those are the people that will buy your $1000 course, or your $20 book, those are the guys that show up to your zoom events.

This Blog is inspired by ‘This is Marketing by Seth Godin’