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The start of my personal branding journey.

It was December 2018 and I had just been laid off from my very boring accounting job. The job paid $250 a month and I was more than happy to have that paycheck, at first.

This was my very first job after uni and even though I was more of a creative person, I assumed my creativity wouldn’t pay. I thought it was more viable to aim for the corporate ladder if I wanted to become rich one day.

I mean, by 30, I would have a “Senior Accountant” Title and my bank account would be fatter than Museveni’s cows.

Museveni’s cows

That clearly didn’t work because all the interviews I went to after the layoff offered me $300 a month. And yes, I have a degree and I’m a certified accountant.

My brother who saw my struggles gave me a piece of advice that made a lot of sense. He asked, “Do you want a house with high ceilings and a big beautiful car? Do you want your kids to live a life of no lack?” My answer was Yes. Then he asked, “How is $300 a month supposed to make that dream come true? I did the math and true to his words, the math was not mathing.

I had to find another way, and so here we are 4 years later, I help entrepreneurs build strong personal brands online and I create content about personal branding. I couldn’t have asked for a better life.

I’m so grateful. ❤️