Personal branding leadership

The true measure of a strong personal brand is influence.

I’ve been reading, “The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership by John C Maxwell” and boy oh boy, I already love this book. Today, I was reading about what it takes to have influence and that’s what I’ll be breaking down.

John C Maxwell argues that the reason some people stand out as leaders and others don’t, no matter how hard they try boils down to a few factors. These are;

1 Character-Who they are

True leadership begins with the inner person. You cannot be a great leader if you feel unworthy, you have no confidence and you’re lazy. Build your character, then build others.

2. Relationships- Who they know

You are only a leader if you have followers, which requires the development of relationships. When it comes to building a strong personal brand, engage with your audience consistently, and get to know them.

3. Knowledge- What they know

Knowledge doesn’t make you a leader but without knowledge, you cannot be a leader.

4. Intuition- What they feel

Leadership requires your ability to deal with different and unique situations. That is not something you learn from a book but from a combination of experience and intuition.

5. Experience- Where they’ve been

Experience doesn’t guarantee credibility but it allows people to give you a chance.

6. Past Success-What they’ve done

Nothing speaks to followers like a good track record. Be a person of your word, be consistent, and show results. Growth attracts followers.

7. Ability- What they can do

The bottom line for followers is your ability as a leader to lead them to victory. Personal branding for instance isn’t just about serving an audience. It’s about taking that audience from point A to point B. If you cannot lead them to victory, there’s no need to follow you.

The true measure of a strong personal brand is influence. -Luwany