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This is Marketing: The Lessons

This is Marketing: The Lessons

I recently decided to start reading “This is Marketing”. To be honest, I bought this book many months ago but I got lazy and didn’t read it. 

Since I’m done with chapter 1-4, here are some of the lessons I learnt.

1. Marketing is done with the intention to serve others. So even when starting a brand, the brand should transcend your needs and wants.

2. When you see a big brand, understand that there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes; the systems, the overtime, consistency, teams etc  

3. Content has to resonate with the listener. Invite them on a journey where a change might happen. Then deliver a promise by solving their problem.  

4. Marketing is not about creating average content for average people and hoping they’ll somehow treat you like a gem you are not.  

5. Marketing is about commitment to a way of being. If your personal brand is about productivity, commit to that and show up consistently as a productive brand.


6. Smart marketers position their offers in a way that’s memorable and resonates with readers. If you’re selling XYZ to Gen Z, you’ve got to understand how they like to be spoken to.  

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7. Start with empathy to see a real need. Not an invented one, not “How can I start a business?” but What would matter here?  

8. Earn and keep the attention and trust of those you serve.  

9. Change is best made with intent. “What’s it for?” Is the posture of work that matters.  

10. Stop begging people to become your clients and stop feeling bad about charging for your work. 

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