permission marketing by seth godin

Your personal brand helps you sell your services

When I initially began as a digital marketer, I thought it was a terrible idea to tell people to buy a product. Boy was I wrong. Apparently, if people don’t know your services exist, your business makes $0. Haha! Who would’ve known?  

Now, now, there needs to be a balance between salesy stuff and the other content. We are not trying to scare prospects away by making it ALL about us.

I look at it as dating.  Before you say yes to “will you marry me?”, the man needs to have proven himself. And it takes time to prove yourself. If he asks you to be his wife on the 2nd date, there’s a HIGH chance you’ll say NO. As a matter of fact, it would raise an alarm.

Your personal brand’s job is to nurture your audience consistently and build that trust. Before you hit them with, “I have a course I want you to buy”, you need to have proven yourself.

Your audience needs care and tenderness. You first make them aware you exist, and then you over-communicate the value you offer. Later on, you can ask them to invest in your services if they desire customized solutions.