Your Personal Brand is NOT Your Business

Your personal brand is the thing that amplifies your business. It’s the stories you tell, how you make people feel, your promises, and your influence on others.

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On the other hand, your business is the structure, the systems, the workforce, etc

The main aim of your personal brand is to connect with others, build credibility and authority, boost your image and increase awareness.

The aim of your business is to increase revenue, improve profits and increase market share.

Both the brand and the business must keep doing their function consistently to grow.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this on Instagram or social media but people sell $500+ courses that don’t match the value. The assumption creators make is that, because the personal brand has a good perception, then that’s enough to put a high price on their courses.

That’s WRONG! If the TRUE value of your course is $100, you don’t need to charge $1000 just because your brand grew from 5k followers to 10k followers. Otherwise, people that buy your course will feel cheated by you.

End of last year, I bought a $1000 course and let me tell you, the course is worth about $10,000. It is THAT good. It was value for money. She did a great job with her personal brand and did an even better job with the business aspect of her business.

My point is; personal branding is fun but do NOT neglect the business side of your business.