Hey, I'm LU

Heeey, my name is Lucy, but you can call me Lu. I’m an ex accountant turned social media manager. I went from being the shyest kid in high-school to an aggressive freelancer after getting laid off. Other things about me;

  • Aquarius (February)
  • Christian, protestant
  • I’m 5’7 
  • I enjoy working (I do what I love)
  • I’m a productivity junkie
  • I work out 5X a week
  • A serious morning person
  • I’m always laughing. 
  • ‘Luwany’ is a combination of my 3 names.
spirit animal

spirit animal

With an enormous capacity for hard work, owls achieve great things in almost any field they choose. This success doesn’t always translate into financial rewards but it satisfies their need to impart wisdom to others.

Ambition Level 94%

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